Monday, 26 September 2011

Still improooving muddle - some commands slightly changed.

I'm still trying to fix various problems in how muddle handles subdomains, and also to add some more testing. However, I've just pushed a somewhat incompatible change to the way that some of the command line tools work.

In the past, if you did something like muddle fetch at the top level of the build tree, it didn't actually do anything, and you had to do muddle fetch _all. This was, in fact, a bug, and those commands which take checkout arguments will now, in general, always default to the checkouts "below" them, including at the top level (where all checkouts are "below").

Of course, it's also an incompatible change. On the other hand, I don't know how many other people still had the habit of typing muddle fetch (etc.) with the vague feeling that they should be doing something that they weren't...

As normal, please raise any issues on the Google Code issues page (and I get an email at home when you do so).

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