Monday, 26 September 2011

How to discuss our open source projects?

So we now have a collection of Kynesim open source projects:

  • muddle
  • KBUS
  • cdatecalc
  • tstools
  • grump
and another one to be added soon. What we don't have is any way of making announcements about them (other than this blog - not really ideal) or holding discussion on them (issue tracking I reckon is OK, as I quite like the Google Code issue mechanisms).

Mailing lists are a pain, and none of them make using their archives particularly nice.

Google groups are a possibility, although they're not perfect either.

Google+ won't work because I won't use it (so that discussion is moot).

Any good ideas?


Ross said...

Should cdatecalc be in that list as well?

Tibs said...

Thanks - I'd forgotten it. Now edited.

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