Thursday, 3 September 2009

USB, meet Infra-red

Been looking at this for a while now, and we've finally got something working.

This little widget will allow us to use an infra-red remote to control media playback (or do pretty much anything else) on pretty much any PC without the need for additional drivers (so long as it can support a USB keyboard).

It is programmable over USB using a simple command line interface allowing the user to configure it on a per-button basis. Currently working on configurations for controlling a PS3 for video playback.

More work being done, so watch this space!


TheMysticRiddler said...

Interesting!. Did you design this hardware?. And i hope this is plain IR and not IrDA?. I have been looking for a Plain IR to USB for some time to connect to my beagle board.



Tibs said...

It's an in-house design, partially done as a project by one of our summer students. It is plain IR. We are planning to sell them soon - drop us an email and we'll let you know when it happens.

tibs <at>

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