Thursday, 10 September 2009

IR Widget - the next step

Hello all,
Just a quick update on the IR Widget.
Trying to control games consoles has proved a little difficult - it appears that not all of the controls for video playback on the PS3 (for example fast-forward, rewind) can come from a keyboard. The only available controls are: bring up a menu, navigate around with the arrow keys and select the appropriate option. The situation is similar on the XBox 360. While this is functional, it's not so nice to use - we want now for the widget to pretend to be a games controller as well as a keyboard, as that has buttons to do what we want. However, this could take a little while to implement due to memory constraints. Richard has offered to solve this with some refactoring and buffer sharing tricks.
I have now added some functionality to allow us to send modifier keys (ctrl, alt etc) which it turns out are essential for some of the media controls in Linux.
I have also now made the programming interface work under OS X, although Windows is a little more fussy - I'm still messing around with INF files.
Work still in progress, so keep checking back!

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