Friday, 29 July 2016

Console application for MTAPI

No, this is still not the power measurement post.  Richard will get around to it soon, honest.

We spend a lot of time playing around with TI's CC2538 Zigbee chip running Z-Stack, which means that we spend a lot of time programming other embedded chips to talk TI's Monitor and Test API serial protocol to it.  Needless to say, debugging at more than one CPU's remove can be a tedious exercise, and there's nothing (that I know about, at least) that will allow you to talk MTAPI to a CC2538 from your nice, comfortable Linux development environment.

Enter MTConsole, in the repository.  In a fit of enthusiasm, and a strong desire to be able to script tests, I've put together a Python program to translate to and from MTAPI.  It is limited at the moment, and some areas are, to be blunt, not very pretty.  It falls over with an exception on a parse error, for example, because that was what I wanted when testing the parser.  That will get visited with fire and the sword when it first annoys me in real use.

So far I've put a lot of effort into parsing binary input (from the CC2538) into text, and not much into parsing text into MTAPI commands.  That will be changing as I need more commands (fire and the sword, people), but at the moment it's not useful for much more than proving that your chip is up and talking to the outside world.  Useful as that is, I would eventually like to get to the point where I can script it well enough to mock up complex command sequences.

Please feel free to grab and use as the mood takes you.  Patches, bug reports, comments and suggestions are always welcome, just bring your own sword.

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