Tuesday, 12 April 2016

It's been a while ..

It looks as though the last post on this blog was waaay back in 2013, which goes to show how busy we've been. So, what's happened between then and now? Well, our open source stuff has migrated to github - https://github.com/kynesim . There you'll find a bunch of stuff you might find useful, including:
  • The venerable tstools and muddle.
  • Our local variants of ccsniffpiper - a program which allows you to sniff Zigbee with a TI CC2531 USB dongle, and wireshark - which contains some patches from Rhodri that help decode Zigbee HA IAS ACE commands in a more friendly way.
  • The current version of kbus - still 10% the size of kdbus :-)
  • upc2 - an easy to use, easy to cross-compile, terminal program that can speak xmodem and Andrew Gordon's semi-proprietory grouch protocol.
And lately we've been playing with some automotive powertrain stuff, some very low power Zigbee sensors based on TI ZStack Home 1.2.2a (under some circumstances, you can get battery life projections as long as the shelf life of the batteries), BT LE dynamic advertising with Android, and TI's newer, even lower power CC2650 - but those will have to be the subject of their own posts.

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