Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pretty pictures

I keep meaning to write the "introduction to muddle labels" article, and I keep not having time.

I did, however, get round to drawing some diagrams (using OmniGraffle, which is really good). So it is probably worth putting them somewhere that other people can see them.

First off, we have a simple Label:
If you need to know about domains, this becomes:
If we have a simple build where each package is built from a single checkout, and some of the packages are then deployed, then we can represent that as:
This does not show the roles of the packages (checkouts and deployments don't have roles, but for this purpose I'm ignoring that). We can add roles to the diagram as follows:
The association of the parts of a label with the different axes is perhaps more obvious with the final diagram, which is otherwise the same as the one we've just shown:
Of course, those last three images are subtly misleading about how deployments (in particular) actually work, but that's one of the reasons the real article is needed.

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