Wednesday, 29 September 2010

muddle and its directories - part 7 - end

If you've read all of that, and it made some degree of sense, then I really do recommend you also go and read "Welcome to Muddle", online at:

If you've read it before, it should now make a different sort of sense, and if you haven't, you really should. Really.

It also mentions several topics that have not been addressed in these posts.

muddle's help is meant to be useful (muddle help), although it sometimes lags behind reality. If you find problems or inaccuracies in the help, please do raise an issue on the muddle issues page describing the shortcomings - these do get attended to.

Also, I am contactable by email, and will try to help with specific problems.

Finally, if all else fails, we will develop muddle for money!

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