Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Grr. Apologies if the code examples in the previous post are truncated at the right - this is because of the way blogger tries so hard to make the blog a nice column down the middle of your browser. Which is a laudable aim for a plain text article, but doesn't work so well for code examples. If I have time I'll look into it (some more) in the future (I've already tweaked the blog settings to try to make previous posts look sensible).

Update: OK, I think I've fixed that. Now on to trying to make "cut" work in posts...

And in a serious moment of serendipity, I've just discovered that Blogger have now added the ability to do "cut" posts, just as I wanted, by (a) enabling the new editor interface (done) and (b) putting:

<-- more -->

in the appropriate place in the post. So I've gone back and done that to my muddle posts, and they now don't dominate the entire blog. Which is good.

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